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Upcoming Appearance

Published March 21, 2012 by ireneglasse

My working partner, Robin, and I will be presenting a Labyrinth workshop and facilitated Full Moon Labyrinth Walk at Fertile Ground Gathering this year.  Fertile Ground is May 3rd – 6th at Prince William Forest Park in Northern Virginia.

The Workshop: Walking In Spirit: Learning to Use a Labyrinth

Join Irene and Robin for a moving and informative Labyrinth workshop.  The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol of transformation, spirituality and connection. Peacefully walking the Labyrinth can be a helpful spiritual tool to quiet the mind, open the heart, and bring new clarity. When we deepen a Labyrinth practice with self-awareness and understanding, new avenues of inspiration, connection and healing spring open.  Discover the history of the Labyrinth, the different techniques and approaches to Labyrinth walks and how to incorporate this incredible tool for growth into your life. Workshop includes a facilitated Labyrinth walk and closing Labyrinth Ritual.

Irene and Robin are working partners within the Creative Eclectic Paganism path. Together, they have led many group rituals and faciliated Labyrinth walks. Irene is an Ordained Minister, a High Priestess of the Tradition of the Witches Circle, and a Labyrinth Apprentice of the New England Labyrinth Guild. She has been reading Tarot for 19 years and practicing Paganism for 16 years. Irene taught Pagan beliefs and practices at Esoterica of Leesburg, VA, from 2005 to 2010. Robin is an accomplished Herbalist and Hedge Witch with a strong background in Ritual and Spellwork. She is a Priestess of the Tradition of the Witches Circle and a skilled Tarot reader.

Robin and I will also be offering Tarot readings on the Commons:

Known for her accurate, practical Tarot readings, Irene always delivers with a touch of humor and a heap of compassion. She offers several different types of readings — A General, a Specific Event/Situation, Specific Person, 6 Month Forecast, and Year Forecast.

Tarot readings by Robin offer insight, guidance, and a glimpse into the near future for those seeking answers. No burning questions? No worries! Robin can perform a general reading and let the cards decide what it is you need to know. Sign up now for your 30 minute session.

Vernal Visions

Published March 20, 2012 by ireneglasse

The Wheel turns, and once again we rise to feel the sunlight on our faces.  Ostara energy can show up in a lot of ways–in the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) changes in the natural world around us, in new projects appearing, in shifts within our families and social circles.  One thing all these little cues have in common–they signal change.  Not the scary kind, either.  The growing, creating, healing kind.

It is in this moment, in the center of this enlivening energy, that we turn to reach out to those new possibilities.  As the old year died we turned within.  The focus shifted to our Winter Work.  Deepening spirituality, focusing on our homes and families; a true hibernation.  Now we turn outward once more.  We reach toward our larger communities and begin to plan for the warm-season festivals.  We open the windows, shake the dust that gathered during the winter sleep and watch it waft away on newly warmed breezes.

Many of us do this on a practical, physical level–Spring Cleaning!  I find myself contemplating what clothes I can donate or trash from my overstuffed closet.  Earlier this week I spent an entire day cleaning the house–thoroughly dusting, wiping down every surface, washing couch covers and mopping the floors.  When we physically clean, we’re also cleaning the energetic surface of the object or area.  I love it when my home hums with that bright, fresh energy.

Manifesting that feeling inside is a huge part of being in tune with the Wheel.  So how do we do it?  For me, that starts with asking some questions.

What lessons did I take from the last year?  What worked?  What didn’t?

What brought me the most joy?

What brought me the most stress?

What relationships no longer serve my highest good?

How do I bring the joys of last year full circle?

How can I enhance them?

What are my personal goals–immediate, short term, long term?

The answers to these questions give me ideas for the seeds to plant this Ostara.  Like physical seeds, these intentions start small.  A simple concept–a desire for more peace or stillness, a hope for more creative musical energy, overall abundance.  But when we make a conscious choice to plant an intention, we give that hope or dream a real chance to manifest.  If we then care for and water that intention with actions, it can grow.  Even the simplest seed can bear fruit.

One of my favorite quotes is ‘A dream without a plan is only a wish.’

So, what are your plans for the growing season?  What do you want to plant this year?

A thousand Ostara blessings to you and yours.  May today find you growing, changing and manifesting for your highest good.