Lunar Labyrinths

Published April 7, 2012 by ireneglasse

In Pagan practices, the full moon means many things.  Abundance, spirituality, peak psychic ability, fertility, a good time for magick…depending on the Tradition you get your information from, almost everything has been ascribed to the full moon at some point.  To me, though, the full moon most means Mystery.  Something about that silvery light sets the subconscious to dreaming.  Things are possible by moonlight that are not in the revealing light of day.  We can be more truly ourselves, casting off some of the masks we layer on in order to fit in during our daytime lives.  Our truths are easier to manage in moonlight.  With our faces dimly lit, we feel more free to share, to feel.  We wrap ourselves in that chiaroscuro shroud and suddenly connection is possible–with our friends, with the Powers, and perhaps most importantly, with ourselves.  We’re more willing to step into Mystery, to allow dreams, to listen to what our inner voice has to say.

The lifting of barriers that occurs in moonlight is part of why I feel full moon Labyrinth walks are so powerful.  The Labyrinth, at its most potent, enables us to find our center.  The Full Moon, at its most potent, allows us to tune out the chaos and noise of our normal lives and tune in to Spirit.  To combine the two is to truly set the stage for revelation, healing and connection.

Strange things happen on the Labyrinth, especially in moonlight.  We find ourselves walking with old friends or family members who have passed beyond the Veil.  We suddenly see a simple solution to a long-vexing problem.  We gain surprising insight into relationships.  Without warning, we realize where the real problems are, and are shown a path to take in order to work on them.

My surprising revelation from last night involved a particular ceremony.  My work over the last year has been on developing more compassion for myself and others.  It’s a work in progress.  I still have good days and bad ones.  Overall I’ve moved forward–my expectations of myself are getting less absurd.  As a result, my ability to feel compassion for other people and their battles has increased.  When I moved through the Labyrinth, I focused on releasing the blocks that do not serve me anymore–judgement, needing to be right, fear, the need to control.

As I walked, as I released, I heard my own voice telling some of my students about a ritual.  It’s one I’ve recommended as additional homework many times over the years but have never actually performed myself.  In the ceremony, the practitioner sits before a mirror with a list of positive and negative traits.  They ground, center, and establish connection with the higher self.  One by one, alternating positive and negative traits, the practitioner says “I love you, ______, because you love helping people/can’t balance your checkbook/are open minded/are stubborn/etc.”  This helps the spirit heal from our societal need to compartmentalize and allows love for the self to become unconditional.

Once again the lines of that Leonard Cohen poem popped into my head–“There is a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”

And I found myself shifting from releasing my compassion blocks to releasing my little self-hatreds.  To letting go of how much I beat myself up for my flaws.  Instead I saw them as full of moonlight–cracks that make the surface more interesting.  Allowing the light to get in.

The Labyrinth takes us to our center, if we’ll let it.  And the full moon lights the way.

May this moon see new light spilled into your life.  May the Mystery find you, wherever you are.


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