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Published January 5, 2015 by ireneglasse

All storms pass
And no tower falls forever
In the shadows
Growing with each flash of lighting
Breathing deeply
Living fully


Gentle tendrils of green
Unfurl, unfold, untangle
And the tight buds of future flowers

For some seeds are sown in sunlight
And some spark to light in darkness

And all storms pass

Of the long, dark night

Published October 31, 2014 by ireneglasse

Tonight I will dress in the sable colors
of lengthening shadows
and the sands on the bottom of the hourglass
and the deep, cold earth
that will one day hold me forever

I will deck myself in my grandmother’s jewelry
and in strange moments I will smell her perfume
glimpse a flash of copper hair
and bright blue eyes
in the incense rising from the altar

Tonight the spirits in my blood
those bright, brave souls
who fought and loved and lived
and died
will dance

And I will feel the Wheel turn

I will feel the Wheel turn

And in the depths of night I will awaken
to cold air on my bare flesh
I will shiver
and nestle into the arms of my love
to breathe deeply and feel the warmth
of life
dancing with the shadow
in my grandmother’s jewelry

Twilight Bound

Published October 9, 2014 by ireneglasse

The highways will give way to
winding roads and rolling hills
and I will find my way
bruised, weary
to the Mountain

The colors shifting from green to gold
amber and russet,
reflected in the lake
filling my eyes with autumn’s flame

The arms of my friends will hold me again
And I will revel in their bright eyes
And brighter smiles
This tribe that comes from so far
to join together
to dig deep
to Work

The boulders will sing us to sleep
The great tapestry above a sea of stars
dancing as we walk in darkness
The cool, sharp taste of winter
in October’s kiss
will find us
lingering on our lips

We will stoke the coals of mystery
Alighting anew, we whirling sparks
will reach our hands into darkness
and find ourselves
And we will sink into the season of night
Carrying our new-brightened flames
through the cold

And I will return home
And yet forever changed
In ways I cannot yet imagine

We journey north

To Tribe
To Clan
To the Mountain.





Published September 29, 2014 by ireneglasse

In the flames of destruction
The choking ash of burning cards
The towers of air and illusion

Crashing down
The life that is only freed through darkness
And a passage of fire
Tendrils catching the firelight
Breaking the armor of a seed shell
And shattering into life
For nothing ever truly dies
And nothing ever truly leaves
And the song of the World Tree
Echoes in every swelling bud
Every creeping vine
Of renewed hope
Of masks broken
Of shadows slain
Through fire